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Fishhook Resonator Guitars

Fishook GuitarThere are no other words to describe the experience of playing a Fishook Guitar other than to say it's the most stunning creation of luthiership I've ever had in my hands, and I'm coming up on my 40th year of playing resonator guitar.

My first encounter with this guitar was in July, 2008 in Shreveport, Louisiana. A man named James Traylor invited me and a friend to his house. There I was asked to play on several guitars from a huge collection of resonator guitars he had acquired through the years. Of all the many luthier brands I had encountered, the Fishook guitar he had really stood out the most. It was the easy playing feel and overwhelmingly different sound, tone and volume that captured my ear.

I decided that I wanted to have one of these to play. Little to my knowledge, Mr. Traylor had contacted J.D. Myer, the Fishook creator, and the very next day, J.D. called me and we hit it off immediately. We struck up a wonderful Christian friendship and stayed in touch for many months, slowly putting together a mutual partnership and endorsement agreement.

When I finally met J.D., it was at the world famous Steve Kaufmann Acoustic Kamp, held in Maryville, TN at the Maryville College. He brought 2 guitars for me to perform at a concert there. One was a koa, the other a Brazilian Rosewood and Spruce. It was the rosewood guitar that would be the talk of the Kamp, and would earn the nickname "Godzilla"!

It's the most stunning and loudest guitar I've ever had in my hand and under a microphone. Even the soundman at the concert was so shocked by this guitar that he didn't even have to touch a single eq knob adjustment.

What surprised me though, was when J.D. said he was building one out of vintage koa that would be equal or better than "Godzilla". I really thought it couldn't be possible, and yet in September, 2009, when I acquired this guitar, I was equally stunned by it. I've been playing it ever since, and could never part with it.

I can tell you this much, J.D. wouldn't tell me his secrets to his God-inspired handiwork, but I can give you these personal details. The woods he uses are vintage old woods (I recommend Brazilian rosewood spruce or koa). The volume, ton, clarity and sustain are all even and consistent and the grain and finish are very eye-catching and attractive. These guitars are a must not only for the professional player at heart, but for any reso player who is looking for that classic "Keeper" that he or she could never part with.

When fishing for the right resonator guitar, try out a Fishook guitar. Then you catch one, it will be a "Keeper"!!!

Thanks, and God Bless!


Johnny Bellar

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Harry James Custom Resonator Guitars

Johnny's Harry James guitar was custom made to Johnny's specs:

Serial Number: J079
Completion Date: 01/24/07
Body Wood: Mahogany With Western Red Cedar Top
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Body Style: James "D" Magnum
Fretboard: African Ebony
Sound Enhancement: Paul Beard
Spider Bridge: Dobro 14
Saddles: Ebony Capped Maple
Hardware: US-Made Chrome Plated Brass
Tuners: Grover 102C Rotomatic
Finish: 18 Coats KTM-9 Guitar Lacquer

"Incredible sound and volume... "
Johnny Bellar



Johnny recommends GHS Phospher Bronze Strings

GHS stringsHere's the set JB uses:
1st: 017
2nd: 018
3rd: B28
4th: B36
5th: B46
6th: B56